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Ukulele Accessories AQUILA 63U BIONYLON TENOR UKULELE STRING SET GCEA, free shipping

Aquila 63U Bionylon Tenor Ukulele String Set Gcea, Free Shipping


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Aquila 63U Bionylon Tenor Ukulele String Set Gcea

Aquila 63U Bionylon tenor ukulele strings are tuned in the standard key of C, and offer the warm and mellow sound that ukulele aficionados traditionally enjoy. The plant-based Bionylon they’re made from boasts much lower moisture absorption rates (less than 0.1%) than synthetic nylon (2%), which significantly improves the stability of these Aquila ukulele strings in humid conditions. In addition, Aquila Bionylon is touted as “the world’s first eco-friendly synthetic string” — the manufacture of this castor oil-derived polymer emits 50% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the production of regular, fully synthetic nylon strings does.

It’s easy to restring your tenor uke with the Aquila Bionylon 63U. These pearl-colored strings are marked as follows (treble to bass):

n 1st A (red)
n 2nd E (blue)
n 3rd C (green)
n 4th G (white)

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