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Behringer VT15CD Virtube 2-Channel, 15W Guitar Amp Combo VTC Tube Modeling *


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Behringer VT15CD Virtube 2-Channel, 15W Guitar Amplifier Combo, VTC Tube Modeling & Original BUGERA 8" Speaker

For the guitarist who already has a toolbox-full of their favorite effects gadgets, the VT15CD guitar combo amp has all the features of Behringer's VT15FX, except the onboard effects. With a Clean channel, as well as an Overdrive channel with 3-band EQ, the VT15CD is all about tone!

Where Are the Tubes?

Ask any guitarist what they want most from an amp and theyll answer with a single word: tone. That quest for tone drove Behringer to develop the VIRTUBE family of amplifiers. Their proprietary VTC (Virtual Tube Circuitry) gives these amazing amps their in-your-face tube-amp tone. Amps with such rich, harmonic character and buttery tube-like goodness, youll wonder where they hid the tubes.

Revolutionary VTC Technology

The secret behind VIRTUBEs incredible sound is Behringer's VTC Tube Modeling processor, which exudes the very essence of tube saturation and compression. But VTC does so much more than just generate a cheap copy of a specific amp character. It accurately emulates the interaction between classic tube stages, responding to the subtle tonal changes that occur when one stage hands the signal off the next. The resulting signal is rich in harmonic content and far more true to the nature of tube amps.

Two-Channel Operation

VIRTUBEs Clean channel is elegant in its simplicity. The sound is open and uncolored and can be tailored to your needs by Volume and the analog passive equalizer. The Overdrive channel features Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble and Behringer's proprietary Contour control, with its radical midrange sweep. All this versatility enables you to artfully define your perfect tone, from traditional to scooped modern and anything in-between.

Handmade Speakers

It takes a special speaker to handle all this incredible technology, tube-like tone and brutal output power. Thats why Behringer outfitted the Virtube VT15CD with an 8" handmade, heavy-duty Bugera Vintage Guitar speaker. Custom-designed and handcrafted specifically for the VIRTUBE Series, it's ideally suited for classic sound reproduction.

Get Connected

Whether youre recording or just jamming on your latest riff, you need the right connections, and the Virtube VT15CD combo really has you covered. The PHONES/LINE OUT B jack is much more than just a place for your headphones to call home. As the name implies, this jack can also be used to send your guitar signal, with speaker simulation, to another amp or mixer.* When the PHONES/ LINE OUT B jack is in use, the internal loudspeaker is muted, allowing you to crank your guitar into the wee morning hours, without bothering the neighbors. If youd like to play along with previously recorded tracks, just plug the output of your CD/Tape/mp3 deck into the CD IN/LINE OUT A jack. This jack also serves a second purpose, providing yet another Line Out, this time without speaker simulation.

  • Powerful 15-Watt, 2-channel guitar amplifier with authentic VTC Tube Modeling

  • Revolutionary VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry gives you the sound and feel of an authentic tube amp

  • Original heavy-duty 8'' BUGERA vintage guitar speaker for classic sound reproduction

  • 2 full-featured channels offering everything you need from clean to super-fat distortion sounds

  • Radical bass, mid and treble controls - for every sound from traditional to scooped modern

  • itional Headphone and Line output with integrated speaker simulation

  • Dedicated CD input for playback of line-level signals (e.g. CD player, drum machine)

  • 3-Year Warranty Program*

  • Designed and engineered in Germany

*Warranty details can be found at

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