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Waltons “Irish” Penny Tin Whistle. Key of "D" Brass Whistle, Instructions.


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Waltons “Irish” Penny Tin Whistle. Key of "D" Brass Whistle, Instructions

-Walton's Penny Whistle

-In Key of D

-Instructions included

-Whistle is 30cm long

-Made from Brass

The tin, or penny, whistle is one of Ireland's oldest instruments. It is easy to use and that is why it is a favourite to learn how to play music. In fact, the tin whistle is the main instrument taught in schools today. Walton's have expertly crafted a wide range of musical instruments that are appropriate for an eager beginner, or indeed someone more experienced. As with tradition this whistle is in the key of D and is specifically designed to effortlessly create a sweet melodic tone which is distinctive and favoured by Irish whistle players worldwide.

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